[Update] British Speedway Hit With Migrant VISA Issue

It looks like the UK Home Office have confirmed that some Speedway Clubs have failed to follow the Visa rules, which is why we are in the situation of possibly not having any non-EU riders in the British Leagues this year.

News broke yesterday around some big name riders from the likes of Australia and the US not being able to ride in the UK after inspectors routinely visited some Speedway Clubs and found irregularities around Visa conditions, believed to be about doubling-up and guesting etc…

SGP got the following statement from the Home Office yesterday:

Most sportspeople from outside the European Economic Area must be sponsored by a licensed Tier Two or Tier Five sponsor before they can come to the UK for work.

It is the responsibility of sponsors to ensure they fulfil their duties in relation to the immigration rules.

The Home Office continually and routinely monitors all licensed sponsors to make sure that those applying to come to the UK for work are eligible and that a licensed sponsor genuinely wishes to take them on.

Where we find evidence that sponsors are not fulfilling their duties we will take action to suspend or remove their licence.

As we know, clubs have been invited to some UKVI workshops to help them comply with immigration laws, hopefully once this is done and all Visas are re-applied for under the current rules we will see riders such as Chris Holder, Troy Batchelor, Jason Doyle etc… here in time for the start of the season.

Fingers crossed folks!


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