Darcy Ward Still Waiting On Hearing Outcome!

As you may well know, last August, Darcy Ward failed an alcohol test at the Latvian GP and was subsequently banned indefinitely from all forms of Speedway until the FIM had made their final decision.

Fast forward to today, after many delays, and he should have heard the outcome of his hearing last Friday, but this has now apparently been delayed. It seems like the FIM are investigating the fact that an off-duty policeman could have carried out the breathalyser test at the GP, and no official blood test was carried out. Now while we do not condone what Darcy did, if this is the case then the FIM may well have left themselves open to a compensation claim and will seriously need to take a look at their testing procedure for alcohol and other substances.

On his twitter account Darcy posted the following after his hearing last week.

So next week they will make a call. What do you do. Nothing you can do. I feel strong about it but we can still only hope

Hopefully they can make a decision this week then!

SOURCE: Bournemouth EchoDaily Star; Darcy Ward (Twitter)

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