Visas – One Step Closer

It looks like we are moving closer to getting the stranded riders (Aussie, and US) without visas here in time for the start of the British season.

As you know, news broke just over a week ago around riders outside of the EU having their visa refused, therefore not being able to ride over here in the UK. This was down to an inspection by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) department at various clubs, with them finding that their guidelines had been broken. Therefore they have withheld all visas until the clubs get themselves back inline.

The first step was taken last Friday, when the UKVI met with the clubs and held a workshop to bring them up to speed on what they should be doing etc.. The result of this is that the clubs can now re-apply for their sponsor licences, once these are approved and in place the riders can then re-apply for their visas and hopefully be here for the start of the season.

SOURCE: SGP; Speedway365

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