Darcy Ward Still Waiting!!

It has now been over 19 days since Darcy had his hearing with the FIM over his suspension after failing an alcohol test back in August at the Latvian Grand Prix.
He was told that he would get a decision the week after, but they still have not made their decision, or if they have they are keeping it to themselves. This is now becoming a bit of a circus,  the FIM should have at least contacted Darcy to keep him up to date with what is going on, but he hasn’t heard anything.

As we previously stated, we do not condone what Darcy did, but this could seriously affect his chances of riding in the UK with the Visa issues at the moment and the fact that the Poole Pirates have already stated that they may need to replace him to ensure they have a full team ahead of the start of the season. Not to mention toying with his career and his mind, mental cruelty!

Come on FIM, sort this mess out soon, this is not good for Darcy or your reputation!


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