Notice To Riders

New Rules And Regulations For 2015 (SCB)

The SCB released a document outlining the new rules for riders in the British Leagues yesterday. The document can be found here.

The main issue that we have heard is around the heat shields on the silencers, some riders have been saying that they need to be homologated, however this is not true for the British Leagues. You only have to have one that has been homologated if you are riding in an official FIM meeting, i.e. the the Grand Prix’s, the World Team Cup, etc… The only parts that must be homologated by the FIM for use in the British Leagues are Dirt Deflectors, Tyres, and Silencers.

A few other changes to note:

  • Ensure you have the correct rider number on the side plate of your bike (EL rule), especially if you are “doubling-up”, a “Elite Draft Rider”, or SGP riders. As fines will be imposed this year.
  • If a race is being re-run and it is “all 4 back” with no disqualification, you cannot go back to the pits. if any adjustments or a replacement bike are required then the mechanic will need to come onto the track from the pit gate.
  • It looks like the stewards may be looking closer at the race suits, so if they are not made of leather you will need to ensure that they have a permanent sticker or sewn in label stating “in conformity to FIM (or SCB) Regulations”. If the machine examiners have any concerns (even with the label!) they will let the referee know and a full inspection will be carried out by a Technical Steward.
  • We are back to the old “Yellow and Black” helmet colours.

There are a whole raft of other changes to the rules etc…, too many to list or go through here, so all riders should check out the document to ensure they are up to speed and ready for the new season so as to avoid disqualification and fines.

Oh, and if you really want to sit down and sift through the full 64 pages of the “2015 Speedway Regulations”, they can be found here.


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