Darcy Ward, The Final Decision!

Well, it looks like the FIM have finally pulled their finger out and made a decision on the Darcy Ward saga…….. 10 Months.

This ban is in effect from when the ban was first issued, back at the Latvian GP last August, which means it will finish at the end of June freeing him up to ride again.

It seems like Darcy is none too happy about this and has expressed his concern/frustration on his Twitter account, he also hinted at releasing a statement:

“A statement will follow this or next week with details that I think my fans and supporters should know. I’m not happy about the unanswered”

So, what are these details that we should know? What are the unanswered? Should be interesting to find out.

Considering he could have got a two year ban, this seems like a fair deal in light of the offence and the way the FIM have treated him over the last few months, lets face it he is also out of the GP series which must be hurting like hell. Time to put this behind you Darcy, get fit, race ready, and hit the shale in June with a vengeance.

SOURCE: Twitter

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